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Four Hard Truths About Addiction that you Should Know

A habit is a disease: getting too used to doing something. Usually it becomes something you cannot easily do without. This translates into a lot of struggles to keep up the behavior for which some even go to the extent of stealing just to finance their cravings. Addiction breaks down someone to the point of total dependence, becoming so attached to the activity that they feel unable to go without it. You end up doing the unexpected just to keep it up. Gambling, smoking, and getting drunk are some of the examples.  When you engage in these activities over a long period, you become very obsessed or dependent upon them, even though you get nothing significant in return. For those who are contemplating or are already in early stage of these activities, you have to know these hard truths to save yourself some trouble down the road.

Addiction is easy to start but hard to quit.

It doesn’t need a lot of effort to start these activities. At first you feel the rush- that “good” feeling. Be wary; a lot of people have been hooked after their first try and now they can’t get out of the hole. For example, many people ask if gambling is really a problem. It starts simply- by placing a bet on some game. One might’ve been influenced by a friend or simply be trying something new. More often than not, you will have lots of luck in winning the game the first few times which will motive you to gamble more and eventually- without even realizing it- you invest most of your income and savings. It has become evident that some households cannot finance an emergency due to gambling addictions that make a person determined to acquire more but end up losing everything.

Addictions are on the rise.

It is quite shocking that instead of the number reducing, the contrary is occurring. In spite of the warnings and disclaimers posed by many companies who are producing alcohol or cigarettes, users are growing in numbers on a daily basis. Some even use concealing gadgets to temporarily hide away the smoke and smell, especially for those who are using weed and any other drug. Luckily, there are rehabilitation centers and places that offer much-needed help to addicts in changing their ways.

It has become a lottery.

Some addictions such as gaming and gambling require skill. Because of so many versions of the game, it has become just a lottery to many. A lot of teenagers bet on the game they are addicted to, yet need to properly play to win. Some only try their luck, while those who are skillful critically analyze the situation before getting into the game.

Revolutionizing some habits

Today there are things, such as the smoking stone, that have been adopted by many people. Its popularity has risen significantly, with the thinking that health stone is a healthy alternative as it makes it easy to smoke flowers and comes in different flavors, enabling a person to comfortably smoke at their leisure.

Rehabilitation is very expensive.

The average drug rehab costs around $18,000 to $35,000 a month. Nicotine treatment centers cost an average of $3,000 to $7,000 for a seven-day program. Around $2,500 to $10,000 flat fee is the cost of an intervention and detoxification for alcohol addicts. As for gambling or sex addition, it would cost around $450 to $10,000 a month for a sober living home, depending on the locations, meals, facilities, and other amenities.


Addictions have significantly reduced the financial well-being of too many families. Many people end up using their hard-earned income or any source of finances to satisfy their urges. The need to sensitize family members to the effects of smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. is of high importance to save future generations from this. It is a peril against which the government and other organizations should not work alone. Let it be everyone’s responsibility.

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