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6 Ways Automating Your HR Processes Will Save You Time

The Human Resource department in any organization, be it small, medium or large, is very key and paramount to the smooth running of activities in the organization. Automating this department would significantly save time and also cost. This does not necessarily mean to lay off all the staff, but it makes them more effective in the work they do. There are various HR processes such as taking new hires, employee profile updates, leave requests, travel requests, tracking employees’ activities and also their exit – all so these events would not have an adverse effect on the organization. In this article, we shall be focusing on a particular human resource process, how its automation can be of great benefit to your organization, and how it can be carried out.

Holiday requests, also known as leave requests, is a very key responsibility of the HR department in any organization. Managing these requests can be very burdensome at times especially during the end-of-the-year breaks. Depending on the organization, the duration of leave a staff is entitled to is determined by the type of contract agreed upon between the client and the firm. Most staff in an organization have various leave timelines, which is usually a year. While some accumulate it, some take it as it comes. The process of collating this and analyzing this data might be time-consuming.

Here are the advantages of automating leave requests:

1. Saves Time

Manually sorting employee data via paper and time log sheets can be very time-consuming. The more the time consumed, the lesser the productivity. Automating the process will definitely increase the productivity rate of the manager and also makes the work hassle-free.

2. Saves Cost

If a process saves time, it definitely will save cost too. Imagine a scenario whereby the amount of time spent in manually sorting out papers is replaced by using that same time to achieve some other results. This makes staff more effective in producing results and making more money.

3. Prevents Security Issues

The use of paper can be of great danger – there might not be back up and, in case of loss, this might not be recoverable. For instance, a fire outbreak or a burglary. To be on the safest side, automating this process will allow for backup in case of any issues or for referencing at a later date.

4. Creates a Happier Working Environment

Employees do not have to fight or have an argument with the HR concerning issues of mixing up the dates of leave. Since they are all automated, an employee is notified whenever the leave request is accepted and then informed on the amount of holiday requests left and other details. This, in turn, creates a happier working environment for both the employee and the employer.

5. Enhances Decision-Making By The Board of Directors

This enables the employer to make quick decisions on his employee’s holiday period, either to increase or decrease it. There might be some unforeseen contingencies that may warrant the employer to make some swift decisions. Automating the process enhances this development.

6. Creates a Healthier Workspace

The use of paper might cause health risks for some staffs due to the toxic ink print that goes along with it. Scanning through lots of papers looking for a particular detail can also strain the eye, thereby posing health threats. This is prevented in an automated system where the computer automatically scans through the files and produces the required results

Now after that has been said, you can see the effectiveness and the productivity rate that comes with the use of an automated Human Resource system when handing leave or holiday requests. Automation of your HR processes for leave requests can be carried out by making use of third party agents, online form portal and also by configuring your office systems with software that perform these tasks.

Most employees want to have that satisfaction of knowing fully well that their holiday requests are properly maintained which also goes for the HR department, whose responsibility is to make sure that these requests are done well without errors. Automating the requests will, therefore, be of great assistance to both the employee, HR department and definitely the employer.

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